ElectroFlow™ systems are assembled, distributed and serviced in South Africa under license from ETI inc USA by Iskhus Power (PTY) LTD.

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ElectroFlow™ is an internationally renowned, state of the art energy saving and power conditioning system with proven performance and satisfied customers across six continents.

Years of technological assessment, field testing and special computer modelling techniques developed at university level have been implemented in our diagnostics systems which guarantee that each ElectroFlow™ system is tailored to the customer's individual needs and operates at an unequalled level of efficiency. ElectroFlow™ is the only integrated modular system in the world specifically custom-engineered to effectively and economically optimise power quality, providing guaranteed electricity savings of up to 34%, through reductions in kWh consumption and kW/kVA demand.

ElectroFlow™ is a versatile solution, available in various sizes based on your facility's requirements.

How does it work?

ElectroFlow™ is an integrated system consisting of multi-LRC tank circuits. When operating in Auto mode,it utilizes a highly advanced system to sample electrical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power Factor, and Current Threshold/Hr at between 3840 and 15360 times per second. Based on pre-adjustment parameters unique to each facility, the ElectroFlow™ Regulator activates appropriate internal stages in a "Ladder Logic" response until the pre-set values are reached. ElectroFlow™ is equipped with a unique alarm driven Self Diagnostic Feature which automatically identifies component status/failure on both per phase and per stage basis.ElectroFlow™ is assembled using the highest quality industrial grade parts and components, and is extremely reliable an virtually maintenance free, with a 20 year nominal life expectancy. The ElectroFlow™ multistage system is triple protected, with each stage independently monitored and activated, resulting in simultaneous addressing of multiple problems and functions. This eliminates the need to purchase a number of different devices to correct each anomaly.


ElectroFlow™ is designed to address power quality and electricity savings for industrial, commercial, and industrial applications. ElectroFlow™ can easily be installed for entire facilities, as well as other non-linear loads such as computers, electronic equipment and production machinery regardless of the plant's size, voltage, or frequency.





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